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Todd Weber Presents at Worthington Estate Planning Council

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Family Business Succession Planning Personalities and Pitfalls

Todd Weber spoke at the April 17th meeting of the Worthington Estate Planning Council at Worthington HIlls Country Club. The topic of the month was "Family Business Succession Planning Personalities and Pitfalls," addressing the diverse cast of characters and difficulties often encountered in implementing any successful transfer of leadership and ownership in family businesses. With a focus on soft-side planning issues and solutions, Todd covered:

The Role of the Trusted Advisor in the Process -

  • Strategic Planning

  • Managing Personalities

  • Managing Conflict

  • Providing a Path to Resolution

Founder Issues and Solutions -

  • Procrastination

  • Indecision

  • Willingness and Involvement

Successor Issues and Solutions -

  • Processes for Identification and Development

  • Merit vs. Expectancy

  • Key Non-Family Personnel

  • Authority and Opportunity

Fundamental Concepts -

  • Educate, Communicate & Facilitate

  • Limiting Discord and Conflict

  • Business / Family Culture and Core Values

  • Team Based Approach

Presentation materials will be made available on a future date.



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